Award-winning author shares insights on Lifescale as a guide to fighting back against tech distraction

Serial entrepreneur and author Adryenn Ashley delves deep into Lifescale, recognizing the public’s alarming overattachment to all things digital. She acknowledges Lifescale’s message that mobile phones, apps, social media, and technological innovations have become so addictive that consumers have formed a toxic codependency with them.

Ashley also recognizes the widespread life-interrupting symptoms of digital distraction, including a short attention span, lack of focus and productivity, and the habitual reliance on procrastination as a means of haphazardly accomplishing tasks. She then discusses how Lifescale emphasizes the importance of hitting pause on digital distractions as the answer to reclaiming our suppressed creativity and efficiency. Recovering our focus and directing it toward important goals will make all of us happier, more fulfilled, and less likely to fall victim to the  temptation of digital distractions, she emphasizes, reflecting other key points from Lifescale
Read Adryenn Ashley’s review in detail here.

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