Enlightening Tell-All Interview on Lifescale Published by TopRank Marketing

Lifescale is the principal topic during an in-depth interview between Brian Solis and Lee Odden of TopRank.com. Odden begins by asking how the book evolved, with Brian responding, “I wanted to switch from the world of business to a more mainstream world.” 

Brian talks about how Lifescale is a result of a confrontational self-analysis that led him into recognizing the reality and consequences of constant digital distraction, which he fell victim to, despite decades of tech industry awareness and experience. He offers a list of problems Lifescale can help resolve. “If you think about it, a lot of how we work or learn, our standards for success, our routines every single day, the traditions and aspirations that were handed down to us by our parents, and are starting to become outmoded in these modern times. At the same time, there is no real guiding light to tell us how to balance all of these things.” 

Odden adds that a range of professionals, consumers, employees, and students can find value in Lifescale. Brian explains that one sinister aspect of digital distraction is that it is essentially undetectable during its early stages and then incredibly difficult to break away from once it has taken hold. “Lifescale is really about scaling life in modern times. Giving us a guidebook to reimagine or rethink or reacquaint ourselves with what is important,” Brian says. 
Check out the interview here to find out more about how Lifestyle can help you live a happier, more productive life.

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