Founder of The Digital Transformation People shares his thoughts on Lifescale

Tim Ellis, founder of The Digital Transformation People deems Lifescale a “gift” that shares “how to survive in a world of digital distraction”. In his brief but telling review, Ellis expresses how compelling he found Brian’s personal journey of rediscovering his “passion, creativity and purpose”.

He also described Lifescale as “beautifully written, compassionate and very open”. He talks about how important it is that Brian, as the author, has the platform, reach, and influence to get the book’s message out there and help people “discover the pillars of lifescaling” while being encouraged to reconnect with creative enthusiasm and focus. 

Ellis concludes his review with a final appraisal of Lifescale, calling it “an enjoyable read, full of imagery,  highlights, quotes, and life wisdom.”
Take a look at his review here.

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