London Speaker Bureau sits down with Brian Solis to talk about breaking free from distractions

The pursuit of an authentically happy and well-rounded life in the digital era was the focus of the discussion in the exclusive interview London Speaker Bureau had with Lifescale author Brian Solis. 

When asked whether he saw digital advancement as a threat or an opportunity, Brian answered, “Definitely an opportunity. This journey isn’t necessarily about taking control of technology because that’s going to be an ongoing struggle, but about the chance to embrace a fresh approach to managing your day to day life and how you may use that technology to enhance, rather than detract from living productive, creative and happy digital lifestyle.”

Brian also gave advice on how to proactively start breaking free from distractions in order to liberate our innate creative selves. The key, he said, is recognizing the power of “strategically-timed” breaks after bursts of work and doing something rewarding to stay motivated. 

The interview also examined the connection between the increasingly recurring experience of losing work productivity, drive, focus and passion with society’s inability to detach from digital devices. “Each time we waste time by falling into the rabbit hole of digital distraction, we’re paying an opportunity cost. And we’re not just losing time we could invest better elsewhere, we are teaching ourselves that it’s okay to waste time. Meanwhile, not only is our distraction eroding our productivity, it’s undermining our mental health and well-being, increasing stress, anxiety, mental loneliness, low self-esteem and depression.” Brian says. 

The rest of the interview also touches on the subjects of who could be the potential victims of digital addiction, the continued rise of new technologies and the evolution of their effect on society, as well as the correlation between happiness and success. 
Check out the full interview here. You won’t want to pass up on this great read!

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