Yahoo Finance talks about taking control of your time with Lifescale author Brian Solis

In a report for the Southwest Conference, J.P Mangalindan of Yahoo Finance interviews Brian Solis on topics relating to Lifescale, induding ways in which the mindless effort of staying digitally connected affects attention span, focus, and efficiency. 

The discussion includes an examination of modern society’s strong, persistent, and intimate relationship with our devices. Mangalindan brings up statistics mentioned in Lifescale which portray the dramatically increasing tendency of people to surrender to the temptation of distractions, while Brian shares that routinely multitasking creates the illusion of productivity, while actually producing sub-par work.

The interview ends with an overview of ways in which we can be more accountable and start retaking control of our lives–by being more present at the moment, taking the time to step back and figure out what we truly want out of life, and prioritizing what really matters. 
Check out their entire conversation here.

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