Corey Briggs Dubs Lifescale a Must-Read For Personal Introspection

Blogger Corey Briggs spotlights Lifescale in his online platform, calling it a book that brings focus to areas of life that can be improved to help us thrive.

He brings up the realization that people are so fixated and dependent on all things digital that we end up completely ignoring what is truly important in life, and consequently, we become incapable of finding genuine happiness. Briggs mentions how universal Lifescale’s lesson is in overcoming digital distraction, whether the creative aspirant is a beginner or an absolute expert in their respective fields. 

Briggs also points out the relevance of Lifescale in educating students, helping them create “ethical and moral learning initiatives” that will encourage them to “stay focused in pursuing passions.”
Keep reading his review in detail here.

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