Lifescale hailed a “mindful experience” by Drew Rossow

Drew Rossow, a regular consultant for ABC, Fox, and NBC, does an in-depth exploration on Lifescale  and considers it a spring reading must-have. 

Rossow picks up on Lifescale’s careful analysis of the human behavior and our abnormally high level of attachment to digital devices and media technologies, explaining our lack in focus, productivity, and consciousness. 

He also touches on Solis’ journey leading up to the conception of Lifescale, commending the book’s personal and empathetic tone that allowed readers a peek into the author’s personal encounter with “perpetual distraction” and how he was able to overcome it. 

Rossow brings up the “familiar touchpoints of wellness” in the book, including the power of quality sleep, meditation, and a reminder to commit to your purpose and passion. He also expressed appreciation for “the sheer volume and quality of data Solis offers as supporting evidence of our need to pull back from multitasking and Pavlovian responses to our devices and Facebook accounts”. 

Rossow ended up being profoundly moved by Lifescale and its mission to share to readers how to live a life of fulfillment, especially in the face of widespread digital domination. He concludes his review by calling the book “a spring cleaning for your consciousness” that gives us the “knowledge to have power over our own awareness again”. 
Click here for a complete read on Rossow’s review of Lifescale.

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