Lifescale takes center stage in David Hoffmeister’s book feature

Author of This Moment is Your Miracle David Hoffmeister sits down with Brian Solis to talk about Lifescale, digital overload, and productivity restoration. 

The interview begins with Brian disclosing that anyone is “susceptible to productivity-crushing digital distraction”, including himself, despite having vigorously studied the rise and effect of disruptive technology for more than 2 decades. The knowledge that no one is safe from becoming overwhelmingly addicted to devices and all things digital is what fueled the beginning of Lifescale. 

Brian also shares that while there are “great hacks for productivity”, they aren’t overnight long-term solutions but are rather supplementary elements in the journey to recover genuine efficiency and creative inspiration. Social media and smartphone detox are also deemed impractical and unsustainable answers to fixing suppressed productivity.  

Hoffmeister touches on the role awareness and meditation had in Solis’ “journey” where he references an article by Swami Rama that “focused on the importance of meditation in learning about who we are outside and inside”.

And when asked to reveal a universal lesson anyone can take away from Lifescale, Solis says, “Every day our brains start out with a finite amount of “juice,” for lack of a better term. And then our brains actually physically shrink throughout the day. So find ways to block out distractions in the morning and do the work that requires more thought and deep focus. Then block out times later in the day to handle necessary, but less challenging, tasks.”
The interview dives deeper into regaining the ability to concentrate and manage distractions, rediscovering values and purpose, and living a genuinely fulfilling life. To keep reading this illuminating review, click here.

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